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Rugar 14

I carried one when I was with the SO and so did alot of State boys. The departments refused to buy them for us so the local gun shop sold them to the officers just above cost.I used it several times and I gave it to one of my second wifes sisters boy to hunt with. and I bought the newer model with the better barrel. He always shared the meat with us during the deer season. I still carry it and I now hunt with a 700/243 with a Red Field 4X. It's a early model 700 and shoots as good as the 14. that second 14 I owned had a see thru mount with a redfield 4X and I could never get it to zero properly. I blamed that on the mount, and my poor eye sight. I removed the Redfield just because it stores better in the truck with out the scope. I never cared for the plastic stocks and all the gadgets. I see the Rambo's at the range all the time, with there cool AR's. The things people will do to deliver a round is truly amazing to me. Be safe and shoot clean Sunny
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