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Out of all the choices or alternatives that were listed and they all are good ones, but one was left out and although it isn't made anymore it can still be found.

When I was with the Sheriff's Dept I went through several selections in the first year or so and then stumbled onto the Beretta Vertec 96 in 40 cal stainless finish. I was in love with this weapon the first time I put it in my hands.

The grip is thinner and offers a flat backstrap like the 1911 instead of contoured like the other 92/96 frames. It has a factory light rail and the barrel is a touch over 4" and cut flush with the muzzle. The trigger is closer to the grip giving a short reach and is very balanced and a joy to shoot. It comes in 9mm and 40 cal but like I said,,,Beretta doesn't make this anymore. It's a shame too because this is a fantastic piece of equipment.

What ever you decide,,comfort is the most important thing.
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