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It isn't the genitals that you are targeting, it is the pelvic bone. A shot to the pelvis is almost instantaneously disabling, but it not a reliable threat stopper.
If the target wears armor, then another target other than COM is advisable. The head can wobble, is small and might be a poor substitute. The hips, on the other hand, are pretty stable and offer a larger target than the head. A good hit on the pelvic bone can drop the BG and disable him.
While a "good hit on the pelvic bone" might drop a bad guy, so might a good hit on the arm, shoulder, gut, thigh, head, or chest. People often fall down when shot.

Unless you are using a rifle or have a surgeons near 3-D understanding of anatomy, chances are that if you aim for the "pelvis" that you will not actually get a disabling shot. Like the gut shots supposedly Wyatt Earp claimed as a preferred location of impact for stopping people due to the pain it caused, pelvic region shots can be painful (as if shots elsewhere aren't?), but pistol calibers rarely, very rarely hit the exact structures necessary in the pelvis to cause the structural damage necessary to disable a person's locomotion. In fact, the largest bone of the pelvis, the ilium with its big, sail-like iliac blade, can be punctured without actually breaking or can have pieces broken off without actually causing a failure of the pelvic girdle.

On top of all that, the normal person really hasn't a clue as to where to aim on the outside of the clothing with a handgun in order hit a target inside of the body very well, especially one that is moving and not front facing.

Shooting at the pelvic region is a decent alternative target, but do not expect physical incapacitation of locomotion to occur like you would get with a shot that severs the spinal cord just because you shoot somebody in the pelvic region. The pelvic region is quite large and structurally capable of handing a lot of insult.
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