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Willie, that's pretty harsh. I've spent at least two hours on researching the laws and couldn't find anything related.

We really ought to have this stuff in the FAQ's... sorry if I came off as harsh.

It all goes back to researching aand knowing your own state laws. I always recommend that people read the law for themselves. It's a good education, and is free for the cost of your time invested. If you read the entire firearms section and cannot find anything regarding the subject, it's not a regulated area. Second, you should use the resources of a local or state shooting association. Every state has one. Lastly, if you are still not satisfied, hire a lawyer and ask for his opinion. The last place in the world where you want to seek legal advice is on an open internet forum where the responses may be made by 14 year old kids posing as experts.

Common sense: If you hide your gun, you should hide your ammo.

Common sense: Folks rob banks. Carry your pistol there.


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