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My two cents

From your original post I don't think I would buy a 3.5" gun. If you are hunting turkeys a 3" turkey load is all you need. I only use 3.5" for geese when we have to reach out a little farther. It sounds like you won't be in a waterfowl blind so that would play in my decision. Waterfowls blinds can be a dirty environment for a shotgun and that will effect performance. Benellis are proven reliable when dirty. I have a friend that has a SBE that hasn't been cleaned in thousands of rounds and it just keeps cycling. The Beretta will have less felt recoil. As stated the cleaning on the Beretta is more involved. I can strip and clean my Benelli in minutes with no tools. The only issue I have ever had with my Benelli cycling was when some dirt / weeds had gotten in the magazine tube and the last shell didn't clear the tube and load into the chamber. Now I just make sure I clean that when cleaning the rest of the gun as preventative maintenance. I have cycled many thousands of rounds through my Benelli and in my opinion the gun has been worth every penny I paid for it years ago (was a tough decision to drop that much coin on it back then).You might also want to look at the Benelli Vinci or Super Vinci, it is a nice gun and if I were to be in the market for a new shotgun today that would be what I would get. I have shot a friends in ND pheasant hunting and really liked it. Fortunately I have a ten year old Benelli that fills my needs so I'm not in the market for a new gun. My son-in-law has the Beretta auto and he is very happy with it. I'm not brand biased as I also have a Beretta White Wing 12ga O/U that I love for sporting clays. I'm sure you will be happy with either brand once you take the plunge.
Good Luck!
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