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darn ruger

Ruger now makes plastic guns that sell cheap. All the old school charm, appeal and mystique that made Ruger what it is, that made it special, died with the old man as far as I'm concerned.

Yeah, they came out with the Ruger Scout....about 10-15 yrs too late. I think I read somewhere that Bill did not like the Scout concept.

About all of their really interesting guns are now discontinued. The .44's, the 96 Levers, Old Army, the No. 3 ...did I hear the shotgun line is done too? And who the blue blazes designed the improved accurized target Mini....yuck.

They are riding the crest of the current madness, but it would not surprise me if the No. 1 goes south as well, .....soon.

A No.3 in .22 Hornet for the novelty, or .223 for the practicality, is on the list, but will likely never happen.
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