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Mine was a '90 serial number bought in '08, with a worn, silver "State of KY" sticker on it. Might have been a prison gun?
Never wanted an AR (whether tight triggers or not...).
The Mini has so much more appeal, as with combat guns of the WW2-Korean era, on which it was based.

The only reason it was sold was because the thick front post sight didn't appeal to me and I know nothing about gun work (except placing the
Tech Sight on the SKS).
That Mini 14 was the most Reliable rifle I've owned, including six Enfields, one SKS, Yugo Mauser etc.

The magazine was the original Ruger 20 rounder.
Remember: years before Ruger finally decided to sell larger mags for the Mini 14 (After the '08 election) and then 30 on the US commercial market,
LEOs already had these magazines.
This is one lesser-known factor which years ago cost Ruger many customers, and might still cause a subconscious bias against the Ruger name.

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