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Well I cannot tell a lie, I got distracted by a boat and spent more money on it than I meant to. ( I live 5 minutes from the marina, I can't be the only guy on my block without a boat in the water), so no $5K gun for me. But I was still walking around with that itch for something new. Had myself talked into an 1100 and went looking today. Walked in one place that is known more for pistol grips than wood. And there sitting in the middle of all that plastic was....

I know, a Browning, but she just didn't belong there. She's short, 26", the way I like them. Choked **/**-, which I'm guessing is M/IC. Would have liked to have had SK/SK or even better, tubes, but I can suffer with this for awhile. The SXS I usually shoot is choked full/not quite as full. No scratches, just a couple of dents in the finish and the blueing is pristine. So all of that pushed me to buy her. Well that and the $700 price tag. I didn't break my arm reaching for my wallet but I think I might have pulled something.
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