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1. Racking the slide on a handgun, especially on a small/subcompact handgun is a fairly error-prone operation as far as autopistols go, in terms of the possibility of inducing malfunctions. I wouldn't plan to have to do it under stress unless there was no other option.

2. I've seen at least one person have an unintentional discharge while racking the slide of a pistol during a reload.

3. The LCP is already quite limited in terms of power and capacity. Reducing that even further seems like a questionable decision.

4. There are, in addition to the reasons named, a number of circumstances which could prevent you from having two hands free to rack the slide.

It's worth repeating that this type of pistol, should be carried ONLY in a hard holster that completely protects the trigger. The holster, in concert with the passive safeties built into the firearm, acts like a safety in terms of preventing the gun from going off until it is needed.

All that said, and although I don't believe it makes sense to carry an autopistol with an empty chamber for self-defense and I'm trying to get you to reconsider that decision, I'm not trying to convince you to carry an LCP chambered.

If you're not comfortable carrying a round chambered in a pistol that does not have a manual safety, then by all means get a carry pistol that has a manual safety. We are fortunate to be living in a time when a wide variety of carry pistols is available.
BTW, that S&W Bodyguard 380 would fit the bill except for one thing: it is one of the ugliest guns I have ever seen.
I appreciate a beautiful gun as much as the next guy (or gal) but when it comes to a concealed carry gun, I can't imagine a more useless (literally) selection criterion than appearance. A carry gun is not meant to be seen, so how it looks is pretty much the definition of irrelevant.
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