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I haven't carried much in the last year, but when I do carry, it's with a full chamber. On my H&K P2000, that's a full chamber with no manual safety except the long/heavy-ish trigger, but on my Sig P238 that's with a manual safety solidly in the SAFE position. If the P2000 had a manual safety, I'd use it. If I knew what I do now about pistols and my feelings about them when I bought the H&K (my first pistol, bought when my then-fiance received threatening phone calls), then I would have purchased that gun with a manual safety as well.

My Dad carries with an empty chamber always, no matter whether the gun has a manual safety or not.

It is impossible to dismiss certain situations where either a manual safety or an empty chamber could be disadvantages, but it is also impossible to dismiss the manifold other situations where it wouldn't matter a hill of beans.

Do what you feel comfortable doing and practice whatever you do so that you're good at it. It's unlikely you'll ever need that gun in the first place, and even then it's likely you won't even need to do more than draw and aim it, but if you're that unlucky number that does have to pull the trigger, just make sure you're as prepared as you can be.
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