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Posted by 2ndsupporter:Assault weapons have a legal definition.

The Truth About Assault Weapons

Assault weapon has no basic set of characteristic criteria. It changes definition depending on how the news outlet or politician wants to define as an "assault weapon" at any given time

So I believe you're Wrong. That's a made up term for any firearm that looks scarey.
There is however an Assault Rife with a select fire capability.
An assault rifle is a selective fire (selective between automatic, semi-automatic, and burst fire) rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine.[1] Assault rifles are the standard service rifles in most modern armies.

At the same link, you will also find this.
Assault rifles vs. Assault weapons

In the United States "assault weapons" are usually defined in legislation as semi-automatic firearms that have certain features generally associated with military firearms, including assault rifles. Some definitions in "assault weapon" legislation under consideration (in 2013) are much broader to the point of including the majority of firearms, e.g. to include all semi-automatic firearms or all firearms with detachable magazines.
If I'm in error, please post the relevant code or law to back up your statement.

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