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OP here

First- Cheapshooter- sorry if I came down on you. Most of what you say agrees with the excellent advice from the other posts. I don't have a problem carrying loaded and chambered as long as there's a safety.

I am re-thinking this. I am starting to come around to thinking carrying unchambered is a bad idea, thanks to everyone's common-sense input here.

I tend to be obsessive about safety, probably from being ashamed by less-than-safe gun behavior in my younger days, many years ago. I used to throw a tiny revolver in my jeans pocket, sometimes without a holster, or one of those cheap foam ones at best. Now I have nightmares about a fold of denim having gotten squished against the trigger as I'm squeezing into a tight car, and me getting a .32 caliber hole through one or both cojones.

I recently felt the need to carry to a family gathering (long story). But when I was there, sitting on the couch, with little children climbing on me and pressing next to me, I couldn't get my mind off where the muzzle of that .38 snubby was pointed. It really kept me tense. It was in a good hard leather IWB holster, but it still freaked me out a bit to have it an inch or two away from a small rambunctious child bumping against that hip.

So that's what got me on the quest to find a small pistol with a safety, consistent with my Beretta.

I want to become so comfortable carrying a pistol that it is second nature. I hope I can get there with the LCP. Or find that elusive LCP-size pistol with a safety that flips up to fire.

I am going to read through these excellent responses again and figure this whole thing out.

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