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I agree with Hawg about the first picture that has now been blown up. That thump to the forehead clearly shows an entrance wound, possibly two. The rest of the shrapnel wounds are as he pointed out as well.
These other pics are fascinating. I really wish they didn't touch the bodies as they did back then though. In a couple of the wider shots you could almost imagine some assistant with an armful of muskets placing them here and there.
One thing I've been seeing is some of the dead having their waistline exposed. Such as shirt pulled up and pants sometimes unbuttoned. When I saw the large pic of the soldier in the mud with his pockets turned inside out i wondered if some of these soldiers used money belts and that's why their shirts are pulled up? the other pics show obvious signs of looting for supplies, why not take their money too? Ever seen a reference to how soldiers handled their pay?
You have a helluva lineage there. Being in the genealogical tree with the youngers. I presume your family has a well documented tree? Man that must be a read huh? As for that pistol he had, I've never heard of those. Looks like it was made during the conversion era from BP to cartridge?
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