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The problem with hanging theives in AZ is you gotta find a tree first!!! at least that's the impression I got. LOL.

I'm back home in CA now so I'm laying low so as to not draw undue attention otherwise my state reps will be here to take it away!

The more I look at it, the more I think I want to keep it in the white. If I try to defarb it, It might lose the look and get all shinny... I dunno for sure we'll see how it progresses.

I have some internal slicking up and buffing out to do and some nipples to buy and the stock to finish up. Some uneven gaps that I think I can fix. Got some little tasks that should keep me busy for a little bit.

When I got back from the show our friends were asking about the "Anti's demontration" ... huh? I said. I guess it was all over the news but I never saw nobody.

There were a couple ammo sellers that had security guards to regulate the loooong lines to purchase ammo though I never saw that before.
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