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Take an idea I have had of using a type of laser as a targeting instrument that provides a secondary function that allows a powerfull electric charge (think super taser) to be directed to the point of aim as long as the point of aim is a conductive or grounded surface. Walla, you got a one stop heart stopper capable of dealing death with laser accuracy out to several hundred meters or more. Just an idea if you can get that whole electricity follows the light beam thing down. For all I know it would already work and we just don't know it yet. Anyone ever tried?
Funny you should say that. I was hoping someone would bring this up. So, if you don't already know this, particle beam cannons in some forms do exist. Right now we use ion cannons, which pretty much mimic a lightning strike, but it is able to be focused at a target.

Also, tactical lasers are being tested and tried in a military capacity. Do a simple search on the AC-X Son of Spectre.

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