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I am glad this post got twenty replies before the first senseless one. Where the heck do you get THAT from? Where in my post did I IN ANY WAY say I would be uncomfortable carrying loaded with a safety? You are making things up out of thin air simply to provide yourself an opportunity to post something obnoxious.
Excse me If I missunderstood the premis of your OP. But it did leave the impression that you were not comfortable with carrying a gun with a loaded chamber. The long trigger pull of a DAO, hammerless revolver is as good a safety as the short throw of a lever on a semi-auto.
With the Ruger LC9 being just a bit larger than the LCP, but still being concealable in a good pocket holste, it would give you a more powerful round in a handgun with both a long DAO trigger, and a manual safty.
I still stand by my beliefe that an empty chamber is an empty gun. I don't agree that the difference is one second as you indicated in the OP. There is also a higher possibility of a ND while racking the slide to load a round in a stressfull situation. Along with the possibility of the slide slipping from your grasp, or not fully retracting the slide under pressure. All leaving you with an empty gun. Or at best requiring a lot more time to have a loaded one.
The other dissagrement I have is with not expecting a potential attack because you are in a "safe" area. Criminals don't always ply their trade in bad areas. Robberies, car jacking, and even home invasions are increasingly happening in "nice" shopping areas, and neighborhoods.
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