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I have seen some Ruger Flat tops in 45 Colt say they have the .357 frame. Are these not safe for hot rodding?
It all depends on what you mean by hot rodding . The Flattops are 'medium' frame revolvers which are NOT safe for Ruger Only Loads. The Regular BH (or Bisley, or RH) .45 Colt is what you want for ROLs. That said the new .45 Colt Flattops (And the New Vaqueros) can be heated up to around 20,000psi (some say 23,000psi now with the .45ACP being offered in the New Vaquero and Flattops). These are what Brian Pearce calls Tier 2 loads. Tier 1 is the normal 14,000psi SAAMI tier. Tier 3 is the 30,000psi Ruger Only Loads tier.

Hope this 'helped' : Brian Pearce .45 Colt
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