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I think the thing that irritates me the most about almost any Mini 14 thread that someone posts up is that someone invariably starts to compare it to the AR15. Often, nobody asks for a comparison, simply a question like, "where do get an aftermarket sight" or how to field strip the rifle or somesuchthing.

I really like the Mini 14, and would love to own one. Perhaps one day I will. I won't pay the prices I've seen them offered at here recently, but eventually this legislative nonsense will calm down again, and I may get one at that time.

To me, one of the greatest selling points of the rifle is the inexpensive ammuntion that one can run through it. That now seems to be a thing in the past. In response to the ammo situation, I've reinvested in 7.62x54r, and use that for centerfire plinking. Few years back I rolled a coyote at just shy of 400 yards with a Mosin Nagant faux sniper.

Truthfully, I can find something to like about nearly any rifle, Mini 14 included.
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