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I was thinking more about this today and decided to add onto it.

Many of you also know that the SSA (Social Security Administration) has bought 174k of hollow point ammunition. According to our good friends at, that's enough to kill 174k Americans and hollow point rounds are not used for target practice.

Unlike the DHS/FLETC ammo purchase, this actually was for physical product (i.e. not a contract). Unfortunately, the argument that they will be used to quell riots and / or combat American citizens in a post economic collapse aftermath degrades very quickly upon finding out that the agency has 295 gun carrying agents.

Let's turn to the math corner again. 174,000 rounds divided by 295 agents equals about 590 rounds per agent. If you refer to my previous post, you see that this is a lot less than the amount of ammo to agent ratio I gave to the DHS.

Now for the argument that hollow points aren't used for target practice. The 295 agents that the SSA employs actually do make arrests: 589 arrests in 2011. When they are out and about, they are carrying hollow point ammunition just like the police force.

Also, after asking around a little, I discovered that both the DHS and SSA agents along with a few other federal agencies and police departments DO use hollow point ammunition for training and qualification. While it is not required to use hollow points by all agencies for target practice there is still a substantial amount of hollow points used in practice and qualification.

In addition to that, the FLETC facility uses hollow point ammunition for training and qualifications done there.

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