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Without reading the entire thread, I'll add this...the method you propose is known as the Israeli carry: a full magazine with an empty chamber, hammer down on the open chamber, safety off in the case of a 1911 or Browning HP. In your case, with an LCP, the procedure would be to draw, and rack the slide as you come up into firing position, while establishing a two-hand firing position for the shot. Timing has shown that this will cost you 1/2 second in getting the shot off...not a lot, but maybe an eternity if things go badly.

That said, if you practice this method in your weekly drills with an empty gun, (you are doing this right?), you'll do it under stress when confronted by a shoot or don't shoot scenario. Whether you'll have time to pull it off is left to chance.

A gun is a tool to allow those who carry the ability to confront a wider spectrum of daily life. If you are willing to limit what you confront, that extra 1/2 second may not matter. But the key is to always remain aware of your surroundings, and their potential for damaging you or your family.

As to how close to allow potential threats: let me say this that my son, a Marine MP for 7 years said that while in training, using "blue" pistols and rubber knives, it was proven to them conclusively that 21 feet...(7 yds) was the cutoff. If the BG was inside that distance, and the MP was holstered, the good guys were going to make contact with whatever the BG had as a weapon. Twenty one feet, and they knew it was going to happen but could not prevent the attack...think on how you'd react if you were a civilian in a parking lot...

One last comment regarding Police vs. Civilian use...and no disrespect to the fine officers that allow us to sleep safely at night... As a civilian, I do not run towards trouble, in truth, I avoid all situations that have that potential. I will defend my family to the death, but will leave a dangerous situation if it's in my power. Police officers do not have that luxury, God bless them. They run towards the sound of firing...civilians do not. At home? Our plan is to retreat to a safe room, call police while arming ourselves and wait out their arrival. We do not carry in the house but do maintain loaded and charged weapons at retreat locations. Hopefully, locked doors 24/7 will allow that. Are we vulnerable to attacks at the front door...yep, but too, we may be hit by a falling have to draw the line of reality somewhere...

Best regards, and do your weekly drills, Rod
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