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It is completely normal to have to bump the Op Rod to close on a round.
If rifle is functioning properly why replace it?
Have you preformed the Tilt test to see if rod is actually bent and rubs?
Search You Tube for "Garand tilt test"
If op ord is bent out of spec and you feel that it needs repaired even though rifle functions fine you can send it to Columbus Machine to be bent back to spec
They also rebuild tabs and replace pistons on Op Rods
I just sent them 6 op rods to rebuild

Buying a Op Rod of the internet is a crap shoot. The tab and piston needs to be checked/measured with a Mic to make sure it is in spec. Most guys dont know how to do this or have the tools or information . You run the risk of buying a out of spec rod

USGI 7.62x51 Garands use the same length Op Rods, all parts are exactly the same in the 7.62 Garand and 30.06 Garands except for the chamber
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