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Complete Beginner when it comes to rifles

After a year and a half of shooting handguns exclusively, instead of contemplating what kind of handgun I wanted, I figured let's branch out into something new entirely! I know very little about rifle models and makes and have not handled them much at all. I have fired rifles before and did fairly well (in my opinion, probably due to basic shooting technique from handgunning). I've fired a mosin carbine, an 8mm mauser, and an AR with a very off sight. I come asking for advice on rifles to look for that would fit my uses/requirements below;

Primarily a plinking rifle in an indoor range with max range of 25yds. There aren't really any outdoor ranges by me and I don't have the opportunity to hunt at this time. Any action type is fine by me. Caliber is flexible as well as I reload, but I would still like to stay within common calibers. I don't have a steadfast price ceiling yet as I'm using this thread to help get me pointed in the right direction, but I would like to stay around $800. As a lesser note, mounted optics are not a big deal to me. I enjoy using iron sights.

Thanks in advance for your input!
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