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I'm not positive, but they had a gun stolen in 2011 ( same year of the BATF investigation ) ( it was one of those "evil" guns ) it was reported to the police, & afterwards they upgraded their camera system... I'd suspect it had something to do with that, or perhaps "back then" it was just the guy & his wife... if they were selling 5000 - 7000 guns, there could be issues where paperwork got pushed to the side for customers standing in line ??? I don't know... perhaps the stolen gun got the investigation started, & the paperwork was discovered ??? I know them well, & they've done a NICS check on every gun I've bought, & they have a close relationship with the local police & sheriffs departments...

... I do know they are 1st rate people, the bussiness donates heavily to all charities, not only donating tons of guns to Pheasant Habitat, Ducks Unlimited... they hired several people ( I assume to help keep all the paperwork in order ) in the last couple years, so it's not like they are some "crumb bums" they are an intigral business in this area... I buy alot of my guns from them... hate to see them go...
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