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Posted by CADILLAC HOOSIER: I think your comfort level for what ever you do is the key though.
Not sure what you are saying.

Selecting a course of action that would not give you a reasonable chance of surviving a sudden, violent surprise attack would not be prudent no matter how "comfortable" that may make one feel.

Don't do what you feel uncomfortable with.

One should become comfortable with doing what is likely to work.

Many people seem to fall into the trap of visualizing what they assume might befall them and preparing for that, perhaps with a modicum of optimism. But range shooting and screen fiction can combine with unsupportable speculation to give one the likely false impressions that (1) he or she will likely be faced with a predictable situation that unfolds slowly; (2) the assailant will move slowly enough to provide the opportunity for aimed fire; and (3) the defender's shots on target will effectivey stop the assailant timely.

That's the way they show it on the screen, and that most closely matches how many people practice at the range.

Want to bet your life on it? As Nanuk said, an assailant will try to overwhelm you. By the way, if he does not, you will have a hard time justifying your use of deadly force.

As Nanuk said, it would be a good idea to try some FoF training. That's the best idea if you can do it.

Failing that, go and watch some timed, mechanized Tueller drills. You will conclude very quickly indeed that drawing from concealment and scoring hits on a fast charging assailant will likely be an iffy proposition even if you have a round in the chamber and recognize the attack for what it is instantly.

Add the issues of the forward motion of an attacker with a contact weapon and of the likelihood that even several hits may not effect an instant stop, and you will not be "comfortable" at all.

You will also very quickly discard the idea of carrying with an empty chamber.

You will realize the advantage of being able to move while firing.

And you will be motivated to avail yourself of some good high performance defensive pistol training, even if FoF training is not within reasonable possibility.
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