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I wanted a gun to stay safe from bears

I shot a number of big bore guns and really like the Ruger 480. 400 grain loads at 1000-1100 fps are not as punishing on these old wrists as my 44 mag with standard loads and will take down most any critter. I just read an article about a buffalo hunt with a 475 Linebaugh loaded with a 370 grain hollow point at 1173 FPS (480 Ruger performance). The bullet went through the buffalo and it dropped after a few seconds. Ammo has been available for $21-$29 for 20 rounds and it is an easy reload round. (Just bought 180 rounds at Big-R last week for $20.95 a box for Hornady 325 grain).

I found that I was more accurate with my super Redhawk than with any other of the big bores and I was more comfortable. If you get lucky enough to be able to shoot the S&W 460, 500, Linebaugh 475/500, heavy loads in 45 Long Colt, 44 mag it might be useful. Every person seems to have a favorite for so many reasons.

The 480 is my favorite is because it doesn't make me flinch, is accurate and can stop a bear or buffalo. Yours is likely to be different and be right for you.

For me as long as the gun goes boom when I pull the trigger and hits what I'm aiming at I am happy.
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