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MORE Anti Gun Bills in Oregon

While not nearly as bad as HB3200 (which seeks to ban pretty much everything), this collection of bills needs to be shot down in a big way. HB3200 was probably introduced to make these bills look ok.

SB 760: Requires a victim to run away (or attempt to) from an attacker before using lethal force.

SB 758: Requires gun owners to purchase liability insurance for every firearm they own. Such a thing doesn't even exist.

SB 699: Makes the state capitol building a gun-free zone (also known as a shooting gallery for criminals).

SB 796: Introduces a requirement to pass a firing range test to get a concealed handgun license. There's currently no requirement to show proficiency.

These bills are sponsored by the usual bald-faced liars: Ginny Burdick , Floyd Prozanski, Jackie Dingfelder and Michael Dembrow

I've already sent my first email regarding these bills to the judiciary committee, along with a bill for wasting my time with all these calls and emails.
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