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I understand the OP's concerns, having had the same concerns and dealt with them the same way (carry without a round chambered, or only carry chambered with gun equipped with decocker/safety). Carrying with a round chambered went against all the safety instruction I'd ever gotten from my dad or from the military.

Don't be put off by the following comment, but, I was given good advice when I was at this same point where you are. "Get some training, and get comfortable with carrying with a round chambered".
The issue, I think (as someone who's been where you are, and who has since received a fair amount of training and has been an NRA-certified instructor for a few years now) is that having a round chambered in a carry gun without an external safety feels unsafe and uncomfortable. It's not necessarily unsafe (if done properly), it simply feels that way to an inexperienced or untrained person.
With training, and assuming we're talking about a double-action or "safe-action" pistol, you can get past that.

In addition to NRA pistol and personal protection classes, I've taken some other really good training from Massad Ayoob, Tom Givens, Andy Stanford, and others generally recognized as knowing their stuff. I believe every one of those top trainers, and most others, would caution you against carrying your gun in a state where it is not immediately ready to use with one hand. Many other posters here have said that same thing, and I agree with them, but, that's not really just people on an internet board telling you that, in this case it really is credible people telling you.

You may be fortunate and not be at a fatal disadvantage by carrying a gun that needs the slide racked in order to be useful. But, if it's not unsafe to carry a gun that's ready to go, and doing that might well be decisively advantageous, why in the world wouldn't you?
I think some training from an experienced instructor could help you get more comfortable with the idea of carrying this way, and would serve you better than carrying without a round chambered.
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