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Posted by Nanuk: How about advice from a retired cop? An empty chamber in a carry gun? You may as well carry an empty gun. If you really, really need it, in about 1/2 to 3/4 of the incidents I worked or was around you would never get your gun into play.
And in most jurisdictions, the threshold for lawfully drawing a firearm is lower for sworn officers than for other people.

You must think about how am I as the predator going to take you that maximizes my success potential? If I was going to take you, I would attempt to overwhelm you physically.
Very good advice.

This has come up time after time. Take a FOF class and try get your gun out and chamber a round while fending off an attack.
Excellent advice.

I worry enough about not being able to draw and stop an assailant before being overcome, and I always have a round in the chamber.
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