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I carried a cocked and locked 1911 for the first 10 years of being a cop.
Love the 1911, loved the safety. Its very intuitive and fast. As a matter of fact, after the last 15 years of carrying a Glock, every once in a great while, my thumb will still sweep off the imaginary safety on a Glock.

Two things I think about. A Glock, a 1911 and most other striker fired guns have one thing in common. Everything has to work right for the gun NOT to fire. The springs are loaded, the hammer (or striker) is held back mechanically.

On a DA revolver or TDA auto, everything has to work right for the gun TO fire.

I really like appendix carry. Its fast and easy to conceal. I can't make myself carry a Glock in that position. I carry a Glock or a 1911 on my hip all day and, IF something were to go terribly wrong, at worst, I might have a crease on my butt cheek. I can handle that. Poking a hole in my femoral artery? Not so much.

All that said, I would do everything I could to discourage you from carrying chamber empty if you feel you need to carry a gun to defend yourself. In the real world, I don't think you can rely on getting both hands coordinated and chamber a round. Particularly if that off hand is holding a box cutter off your throat. Or, if you are curled up in the fetal position while someone is kicking the stuffings out of you.

Pick the right gun for what makes YOU comfortable. I made my decisions, other might disagree. I still love the 1911, but, as long as I am forced to carry a Glock at work, I'm not going to pick a gun with a safety that goes up...or down...or a decocker or anything else radically different than the Glock. All my off duty guns are basic point and click guns. A revolver or, a Sig P239 with the DAK trigger.

An "at rest" modern revolver is about as safe as it can get. Same with the DAK trigger. It takes a long and deliberate pull of the trigger to fire. But, there are alot of good DA autos with a safety if that is your preference. Barretta and the older Smith autos come to mind. Perhaps you should look at the HK P7M8. It is truley one of the safest guns ever made and, blindingly fast to get into action.

Just try to pick one and play with it until it becomes second nature, whatever action type you may choose. The difference between a 1911 safety that goes DOWN to fire versus a Smith Auto that goes UP to fire really can get you killed.
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