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Over the years I've seen a lot of videos, from store, apartment lobby, business/office lobby, and parking lot cameras. Bad guy comes into view, at 5 feet or so, pulls a gun and shoots. Lots of homicides.

However, I recall one incident where the perp walked up and at about 5 feet, pulled a gun out. The store clerk did not hesitate... pulled a Glock real fast and shot the perp multiple times. The perp did not get a single shot off. Can't speculate what would have happened if the good guy would have had to rack the slide first.

The bad guy has a clear advantage, he knows what he is going to do... you the honest citizen, must transition quickly from blithe conviviality to excersising lethal force in a nano-second.

Find a handgun that works for you and carry it hot chamber.

Good luck to you, and

Check your 6.
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