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Posted by db4570: Although it seems everyone insists it is perfectly safe to carry a gun chambered with no safety, it's just something I've never been 100% comfortable with, even in my revolver days.
I do not agree regarding revolvers, but I do not like semi-autos without a safety.

Please stop right now if you're going to say "the only safety you need is between your ears" or "the trigger pull on a DAO is so long and hard there is no chance it will go off accidentally". Yes, I know. We've all heard those things countless times. I'm trying to get past that. As I said, maybe I'm being obsessive, but I'm just not 100% comfortable with it.
We're on the same wavelength.

So what I'm thinking about doing with the LCP is carrying it... prepare yourselves... unchambered! Here's my justification. First, I figure that carrying ANY type of gun is a drastic improvement in preparedness over nothing.
But the question is, is it enough?

Second, I am rarely in a place where I feel I need fast-draw instant-access, like being jumped. Instead, I have been places where it looked like something weird might be going down, and it was nice to have a gun as a last-ditch backup plan.
Think for a moment.

You may lawfully draw and present your firearm only when the threat is imminent. If you draw and rack the slide because you somehow "think that it looks like something weird may be going down", you will not be carrying it any more.

The difference getting a shot off in two seconds instead of one second hasn't seemed to enter into the equation.
I was going to suggest that you try some realistic Tueller Drill training and get back with us on that, but it seems that you have reconsidered your position.

I may be coming around to carrying chambered, without a safety.
That is what the vast majority of people do. However, I like the idea of a safety.

One thing I am striving for is consistency, so if I carry it a particular way I want it to be in that condition all the time so I know what to expect without thinking. And I want all my guns to handle essentially the same.
I think that is good thinking. All of my carry opieces have safeties that work the same way.
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