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David, I had the same nervousness about it when I started carrying back when MO instituted CCW.
After a few days it wears off when you believe its not just going to go off on its own.
You already know it wont go off on its own, but knowing and believing are sometimes a little different.

I carry a LCP daily, along with a PM9 and a Glock 27 on occasion.
I will not buy a carry pistol with a manual safety.
Keep it holstered at all times to eliminate any chance the trigger could be hit, snagged, pulled or whatever.
That includes even at night, while dressing, etc.. pulling it from the holster everyday for storage exponentially raises the risk of a AD/ND and will wear the finish off of it straight away, too.

My ccw's are all always loaded and always stay holstered 100% of the time unless I'm shooting it or cleaning it.
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