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I say do what makes you the most comfortable and where you feel you are the most responsible, safe carrier. At the end of the day, it's your personal decision whether you decide to carry chambered or unchambered. It's not for me, or anyone else, to tell you how you should be carrying your weapon in that regards.
I am sure you have looked at all the pros and cons of carrying both ways to come to your decision. It's certainly not one that can be taken lightly as we all know.
I carry chambered 6 +1. That's my personal decision. My gun does not have a safety on it. But like you I weighed out pros, cons and situations and decided that was best for me. I'll even go out further on a limb here and say this. My gun is always on me. (except when I'm sleeping or in the shower and then it is very close by). But even my 13 yr old son knows the status of my gun and how to use it (very well I must add) and as a last resort should a situation ever come up where someone grabs me to where I can't get to my gun but he can (do I think that will happen, no, but do I try and plan for the unexpected, yes), it's chambered and ready to where all he has to do is pull the trigger.
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