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Thanks guys, I think I did good as well.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it exactly. I know I want to finish the stocks or replace them depending on whether or not I go for a full finish restore or leave it rough looking. I sorta like it looking all tarnished and such but not sure just yet.

I completely disassembled it to get a good look at the internals and it really doesn't look as though it's been fired. There is a little bit of rust clean up that needs to be done and I doubt it's ever seen a drop of oil ever. All parts look good but need some attention and and some smoothing and buffing.

I'll need to buy a set of cones/nipples right away. I only have extras for my Dragoons and they don't fit of course.

Parting it out did cross my mind but I cant bring myself to do that.

I did notice when comparing it to pictures of other like it that there seem to be two screws on the frame that I believe are for notching into a shoulder stock. Can anyone look at those and confirm or reject my belief? If I'm right I'd love to hear more about that feature.

Thanks again guys.
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