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My 10/22 liked Federal Hipower the best. My groups at 50 yards were 1" to 1 1/4". Match ammunition did not shrink the groups in the factory barrel.

I called Ruger and basically, the 10/22 barrels are plinking barrels. The chambers are huge so people who never clean their guns, can shoot and shoot and have the thing function.

I had a Volquartsen barrel put on and groups halved. Eley tennex shot within a dime at 50 yards.

Considering that most of my squirrel shots were at 25 yards, the better barrel did not make much of a difference hunting.

As a comparision, these are match targets from a $1700 M64 Anschutz and a 1971 M54 Anschutz that would probably go, used, for $1500 to $1700.

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