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Pogo may have been right.. Is youtube for real ?

Pogo may have been right.. Is youtube for real ?
Last night I surfed through youtube, and watched a bunch of gun related videos.
A vast majority IMO was (understatement) trash, and IMO should be appalling
to safe & responsible firearms owners, and Fuel for the ANTIs.
The most common were no eye & ear protection, shooting
against unknown backstops & targets.
One kid shoots guns underwater in a swimming pool. Lots of videos
of mishaps caused by "morons" who have no business even touching a firearm.
Some guys ( I guess who own a gun store)..Pack a gun barrel with powder & spike the muzzle to blow it to pieces

*** ????????

and WE want to be taken seriously ?

I have my flame suit on, but I honestly can't see an argument FOR this drivel
**** NRA Life Member *****

Connecticut was the Cradle of the Gun Industry, NOW it is just a Pine Box,
Courtesy of our Governor "Chairman MAO Malloy"

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