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I'm really pleased and impressed with the positive and well-reasoned responses. I switched my forum usage to this one from another (un-named) one for just this reason. It seems like a much more mature crowd here.

I may be coming around to carrying chambered, without a safety. One thing I am striving for is consistency, so if I carry it a particular way I want it to be in that condition all the time so I know what to expect without thinking. And I want all my guns to handle essentially the same. It is instinctive for me to draw the Beretta or CS9 and flip the safety up. So carrying chambered is actually much more consistent with that.

BTW, that S&W Bodyguard 380 would fit the bill except for one thing: it is one of the ugliest guns I have ever seen. No offense to those of you who own and love one, but after owning the most beautiful handgun ever made (Beretta 92) I'm spoiled for life.

Although I never imagine myself in a quick-draw situation, I accept that it is better to be prepared to fire rather than fumble with racking the slide. I hadn't thought of the possibility of FTFeed in a high stress situation. I also remember an article I read some time ago that took a close look at street crimes and interviewed the victims of them. Almost all of the victims said that the attack happened so suddenly and without warning that it was totally unexpected. In other words, there were no obvious warning signs. Which makes sense.

Thanks for the input.

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