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I recommend folk check out these articles for shooting prone:
Never saw that one before, but backs up what I'd seen elsewhere and mentioned above.
It worked for me, anyway...

Appleseed teaches that you should be “splayed off at an angle” and for me anyhow, it works better then making your body a straight line with the bore. Being at an angle, some where around 15 to 25 degrees from the bore axis, is less fatiguing, thus more comfortable, and you can shoot longer. Angling from the bore rather then straight lining it, also feels more natural. But to each his own I guess.
Isn't Appleseed shot prone with slings? Slings are a completely different animal than shooting off a pod. But yes- to each his own. If you're not comfortable- for whatever reason- you're not going to be accurate. All about bone support.
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