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And from Representative Brad Witt:

Just received this one:

Rep Witt <[email protected]>
1:10 AM (16 hours ago)
to me

Thank you for sharing your opposition to HB 3200 with me.

I consider this bill one of the most radical anti-gun proposals before the Oregon Legislature. Any proposal to criminalize telescoping stocks (trap guns), thumbhole stocks (target rifles), conversion kits, or their possession is a direct threat to our Constitutional rights.

This bill is sponsored by the following legislators:

Representative Mitch Greenlick
Representative Lew Frederick
Representative Jules Bailey
Representative Tobias Read
Representative Peter Buckley
Representative Jeff Reardon
Representative Michael Dembrow
Representative Carolyn Tomei
Senator Ginny Burdick
Senator Rod Monroe
Senator Jackie Dingfelder
Senator Chip Shields
Senator Mark Haas
Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson

Since this is their bill and not my own, you may want to share your opinions of HB 3200 with them.

Rest assured that I have every intention of opposing this bill. I will not allow otherwise law abiding Oregonians to be prosecuted as criminals, nor will I stand idly by and allow their otherwise legal firearms to be confiscated in violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Thank you for standing up against the outlandish proposal that is HB 3200.

Brad Witt

State Representative
District 31

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