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Re: Re-thinking my carry/safety rules

Originally Posted by db4570 View Post
Second, I am rarely in a place where I feel I need fast-draw instant-access, like being jumped. Instead, I have been places where it looked like something weird might be going down, and it was nice to have a gun as a last-ditch backup plan. The difference getting a shot off in two seconds instead of one second hasn't seemed to enter into the equation. Third, the chances of being shot or otherwise injured so I couldn't rack the slide with my free hand seem extremely remote.

Do what you want but in my state you pretty much cannot draw until your life is already in imminent danger and that seems like a terrible time to be adding time/steps. Needing a gun is a pretty rare event for most of us but it seems like you're preparing for that even more rare event where you both need a gun and see the trouble coming in advance.
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