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Have you looked at the Bodyguard 380? As Chris said its very similar in size to the LCP but does have a safety. I'm unfortunatly a leftie so I rarely use the safety however mine is usually in an ankle holster with a thumbrake as a Backup so I don't personally feel the need to have the safety on. (The built in laser is also a plus) At the end of the day having an unchambered Gun IMO would be preferable to no pistol at all, if that's what makes you feel comfortable just make sure to practice a lot to draw and rack the slide as you do (you also limit yourself to one less round as a result and MUST have both hands free).

A good holster can add a lot of confidence to offset not having a safety, or you could always look into another semiauto that does has a safety. At the end of the day only you know what works best for you. I'm not ashamed to admit that when I first started Carrying my XD I had the same issue as you and I carried it on an empty chamber for almost a month, then started carrying it loaded around the house and a short time later I built up the confidence to keep it loaded at all times (Again getting a good holster was the first step, for me).
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