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...the chances of being shot or otherwise injured so I couldn't rack the slide with my free hand seem extremely remote... So, if we can refrain from cliches and armchair-urban-soldier fantasies, I'd like to hear... well-reasoned arguments for why I shouldn't.
I have close personal knowledge of an incident in which a crook pulled a victim partway out of an open car window by the left arm and another very strong crook started repeatedly punching the victim in the face. This went down in seconds; another gang member had acted as a decoy and drawn the victim's attention outside the right-hand window, thus preventing the victim from seeing the other two gang members rush the left side of the car. While the victim was being beaten, the decoy got into the passenger side of the now-unlocked car, at which point the would-be victim drew a gun and fired, ending the attack. (I won't tell you more details than that.)

If the victim had been carrying the pistol without a chambered round, the only thing he/she could have done is thrown it at the perps, who probably would have shot him/her with it.

This is the reason I will not carry without a round in the chamber, and also the reason I no longer pocket-carry while driving. I want a handgun and not a HANDSgun.

The S&W Bodyguard is very similar to the LCP but is equipped with a thumb safety.
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