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Gun Show not sure what I got

Found myself in Phoenix this past weekend and dropped into the gun show going on there.

The place was crowded as expected. I was doing casual shopping keeping an eye open for primers, dies, tools and molds.

Lots of Cap and Ball revolvers but prices were more than I had to spend this time. Since I'm from out of state I was limited to these and there were a lot of nice pieces.

Then off in a dark corner I came across a guy and his wife selling a hodge podge of assorted old stuff that looked like it came out of some guy's shop. Sure enough, he was selling off a relatives old gun shop of junk. And it was JUNK! But one item caught my eye.

An old CVA 1860(?) kit that was never finished!
He had it marked for $80. I handled it and saw how rough it was but it called to me. what a cool project this would make.

I offered $20.00 he laughed and I set it down.
He said he'd take $60.00
I offered $25.00 and picked it back up.
He said $50.00
I said $26.00
He hummed to himself.
His wife slapped his shoulder and said for crying out loud sell the dang thing!
And he took my $26 bucks!!!
I walked away grinning and tucked the gun in my belt to finish walking the show.

I got 4 offers one as high as $80 while I walked around! But I wanted to bring him home to see what I could do with him.
What do you guys think of my $26 gun?

Markings show CVA and ASM

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