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My input...

Here's my input(I owned & used a CT laser-aimer for a Taurus snub revolver).

I'd go for a front activation style CT grip, you can use it one handed & it's more ambi-friendly.
Im left handed & had no problems with CT grips. I would also suggest the type with a master switch. You may set it off & drain the battery in some carry formats.
You can turn it on in emergencies or turn it on when you carry a firearm concealed.
Keep in mind that CT lasergrips or any laser-aiming system is meant to augment your basic marksmanship skill(s) not replace them.
You should be 100% ready to go with just the open or fixed weapon sights. A gun fight or critical incident isn't the time to screw around with tools or gadgets.
Training to draw, ID a threat & fire using a lasergrip or Lasermax is ideal.
Crimsontrace; has a good free 2013 DVD too. Watch it and use the tactics if you buy a Lasergrip.

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