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Jennings pistols

I'd say nyet to the .22LR Jennings. It's a cheap Sat Night Special type gat.

The owner/designer; Jennings was on trial for felony charges too.
Unrated to the gun industry but he did have several civil cases that busted him $$$ wise. Due to the firearm design/safety/QC.

I'd start with a simple stainless .38spl revolver, a .22LR target pistol or a LE trade-in pistol. In .40, 9x19mm.
FWIW, SIG & Glock have kits with .22LR that can convert from .40/9x19mm to the smaller .22LR for plinking or skill training.

I prefer the .357sig caliber for duty or protection but a 9mm or .40 will do great.

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