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RP will allow the printing of a complete, assembled FCG in time.
I'm unfamiliar with the terms RP or FCG. Have no idea.

The tech has potential in industry. The medical field for example.

Of course RP has potential. It is a better method for making one-off parts in darn near every way except for material strength.
This is true. I'd just add "some" one off parts. At present the process is slow and faces the inherent limitations of the materials that the model is being made of. It can't make a part faster than the material allows.

It can't make a spring of plastic or cintered metal that has the same properties as spring steel.

But it doesn't need to either. That's not the strength of the tech. Steel springs are plentiful and inexpensive. The potential here is to make small numbers of otherwise quite expensive things in a factory or shop or small numbers of cheap complex things in a persons garage.

But it is still relatively new tech (15 years or so) and is in the developmental stage.

Can you make a gun out of it? Not right now. Parts of some guns maybe. It's still cheaper to just go buy one. You can make a zip gun for a lot less than the cost of a 3D printer.

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