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Tactical shotgun - pump or semi-auto and why?

I've come to the conclusion that I want a diverse set of firearms for defense of life, liberty and property. Also for fun, of course. I have the rifles and handguns I want and am now considering a shotgun. Versatility and reliability are the key with the added desire that it be something that will retain its value. I've acquired the necessary funds such that I could pick one up for as much as $1700 but if that kind of price isn't really necessary why spend it? I've asked around and been told by some to get a pump, particularly the Mossberg 500 tactical, which can be had for around $400. I asked why the pump, the answer was due to there being fewer moving parts. I assume that is to mean it will be more durable and reliable. One con to the Mossber is that when using the pistol grip, the safety isn't very accessible. There are other pumps though.

I've always been partial to semi-automatics and have considered the Remington Versamax, FNH Police Tactical and even the Benelli M4. Will these shotguns be reliable and durable enough, and worth the price, in an event requiring defense of life, liberty and property? The military and police use the FNH and Benelli. I suppose there are other models to consider.

With regards to semi-autos, I own an old Remington model 11 Sportsman and have enjoyed shooting clays with it. It has been very reliable.

I've gotten myself into a position that I almost don't know where to begin. So, I thought I'd reach out to you guys for your knowledge and experience. I appreciate whatever you are willing to share.

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