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I guess it depends on what it takes to be considered "incompetent" by the VA, but isn't that the sort of information we would *want* to have available in the NICS database?
i agree.

Maybe Shinseki did that to ease veterans fears about going to the VA for treatment. Veterans are being discouraged from seeking help from the VA. There's all kinds of misinformation out there. i've heard it from two young veterans. "(Name of online conspiracy nutcase) said stay from the VA or they will take my guns."


Many fringe sites flatly tell vets to stay away from the VA or their guns will be taken, especially if they have PTSD. Because of distortions of the truth, exaggerations and outright lies about the VA reporting large numbers of vets to FBI NICS: Tens of thousands of veterans are refusing to seek treatment at the VA.

i belong to three veterans organizations. None of those organizarions are making a fuss over this issue.
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