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firearm in company vehicle

I drive a company owned vehicle that is bound by dot regulations. My company has a policy of no firearms on or in company property. I have a concealed carry permit in the state of Ohio. A representative of my company asked me if I had a gun in the truck or had ever had one. I answered that I had one there that I had temporarily placed in the cab while I was performing a task in my yard and that I forgot about it until the next day. I remembered it the next morning but was too close to work to take it back. Our trucks were inspected later that day and the weapon was found. I was put on immediate suspension and am facing a possible firing due to violation of company policy.
My question is does a company have the right to create and enforce a policy that denies me the constitutional right of self defense? Do you think their policy would hold up in court? Also do DOT regs nullify these rights?
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