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Originally Posted by JimMarch
Now, there might be an interesting twist here, one that is specific to New York or Chicago. IF the US Supremes goes the same way as Klein and supports open carry when concealed carry is restricted or banned, and there are huge open carry rallies in New York and Chicago, I believe it is very possible that one of the twitchier members of the NYPD or Chicago PD will shoot somebody.
I've been saying this for a while. Not so much for New York, but for Chicago. I fear the Chicago political leaders will think a few police-action shootings of gun owners will scare us into not exercising the right. What I don't get is if 400 bad-aim cops fire on 2,000 typically pretty good citizen gun owners, how is this not another Battle of New Orleans? And how does such an exchange not collapse the U.S. dollar and markets, the very next morning, when the rest of the world no longer fears U.S. hegemony?

The political reality is that the United States cannot afford to have such a conflict airing on CNN. Too many of the right people have too much money invested in the status quo to let the millions of citizens who don't about the fiction of finance, leveraged accounts and fractional-reserve banking tear it all down over an issue about which the truly powerful don't care much.

Gun owners have more power than they realize through exercising direct public assembly.

Originally Posted by speedrracer
Heck no. Those of us who own guns want to choose for ourselves, based on our particular circumstances, which is best.
Fair enough, so let's knock off this nonsense of trying to force concealed-carry on us.
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